What do you gain from full body workouts?

What do you gain from full-body workouts?

Full-body routines are not just for beginners

While most will no doubt follow a variety of split workout routines, you shouldn’t underestimate full-body workouts! If you haven’t tried it before, it’s time to incorporate such a cycle into your workout! We feel quite different during such a workout and have many beneficial features.

One of the biggest benefits of full-body programs is that you can definitely expect greater fat loss. Both practice and theory show that if we bombard the body with full-body workouts, the use of fats will be higher after the workout.

During and after your workout, your body will work harder to mobilize as much fat as possible to meet your increased energy needs. You don’t need to add a lot of knowledge and realize that when more muscle gets loaded, your calorie intake will also increase. More muscle work, more energy, meaning more calories burned.

It also has a beneficial effect on anabolic hormones when we follow a routine that works throughout the body. Moreover, such workouts release smaller amounts of the hormone cortisol. That is, the ratio of hormones that support muscle building and break down muscle (catabolic) will be better. A direct consequence of this is that it supports muscle building well.
The practice has also shown that for more experienced trainers with dumbbells for a long time, strength levels are very well maintained and can even be improved for full-body routines. That is, those who would be held back by a reduction in their power level throughout the full body cycle are mistaken. The increase in strength can be even greater!

What could be the reason for this? The answer is simply that the more you repeat a movement pattern (exercise), the more your nervous system will make the most of the potential in your muscles, namely by being able to turn on more motor units. The increase in strength, in this case, is therefore mainly due to the improved neuromuscular relationship. As Mike Mahler wrote in one of his books, strength training is like learning to play the guitar: if you just pick up the instrument once a week, progress will be much slower than if you practice it every day…

Last but not least, full-body workouts have a beneficial effect on your overall physique, stimulate circulation, and improve your regenerative ability!

We would note in parentheses that many people, when they put down a call-up at the end of a more traditional split routine (in nice Hungarian terms, these “finishers”), they are used to it precisely because of the benefits listed above. So if you accept that intense finishers at the end of a workout are effective, it’s time to change your mind and try full-body workouts for at least one mesocycle!

What do you gain from full body workouts?

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