Useful Android Apps

By | July 22, 2020

44: Mediariver

Download various books, music, applications and wallpapers for free. Not available on the Play Store.

45: QuickLyric

With this application you can download lyrics of different songs. Not available on the Play Store.

46: Five Wallpapers

A beautiful app that will change the background of your screen with each swipe. Definitely use it to beautify your screen.

47: Dic Box Urdu

The best Urdu dictionary application in the world. In which we can search from Urdu to English and from English to Urdu. ronouncing each word is accompanied by a picture search.

48: Gravity Screen On / Off

No need to press the button to turn the display on or off. Because with this application, as soon as you put the cell in your pocket or somewhere, the screen will turn off and then as soon as you lift it, the screen will turn on.

49: How to speak Real English

With this application you can learn to speak English. 50: Paksociety. This is not an application but a website from where you can download the largest collection of books in Urdu language. The books here are beautifully arranged. The most important thing is ski downloading. Here you can download direct books without opening any links.

51: Mood

A text messaging application with the best features in the world of Android that will replace your stock messaging application and beautify the style of texting. There’s nothing that can’t be changed, from a text bubble to a font. Different themes can be applied for each contact with different ringtones Multiple text messages can also be sent in the form of SMS. One of its beautiful features is private messaging In it you can keep any number private Now the messages of this number will go to the private box which can be opened with pattern or pin lock. Alternative: Textra

52: Music Mate

Most of the time we listen to an audio song and think we can find a video of that song. But when we start looking for those videos on YouTube or any website, it is difficult to find the official video. Whatever song we play by running this application, this application will automatically find its official video and put it in front.

53: S filter

Based on a very small size, this application filters out the blue light in the dark. This way the eyes do not get heavy while running the mobile in the dark and the eyes are not weakened. When it runs, the filter range automatically enters the notification area from where we can increase or decrease the filter range. And can put custom filter light.

54: Fancy Key Keyboard

Featuring beautiful theme and fonts with different language support, this keyboard evokes a beautiful feeling in the world of writing. One of its functions is that you can customize the theme, button size, color, everything you can choose. There is also support for Urdu, English, Hungarian and Roman Urdu Alternative: SwiftKey Keyboard Alternative: Easy Urdu Keyboard

55: Facebook Lite & Uc Browser Mini

These are both lightweight versions of official applications. People with memory problems in the cell Or they may want to use less data So these two applications will be the best choice for them.

56: Faceapp

The popular iPhone application is now also available on Android. Photo editing application You can also add an artificial smile to your photo.  And you can see your face in the form of old and young

57: Afterfocus

DSLR There is probably no better application than this one to manually blur the background like.

58: Whatscan

One Otis app is a good application if you use two Otis apps on two cell phones or on the same cell. Otis app account can be controlled through this application by scanning the bar code. Note: You can also control someone else’s account with this application But this guy will keep getting notifications that your WhatsApp is open on PC

59: Wallpapers with Filters

This application containing thousands of wallpapers through which you can download different wallpapers with different filters.

60: Send to SD Card

by: Denis Nelubin  Sometimes we see pics or a post in a profile and when we want to save it, we find that it has privacy. These pics can be downloaded through this application As soon as we long press on this post, an option comes up, share externally, then click there, select this application and save the post.

61: IDM

The name of Internet Download Manager must have been heard by every computer user. It works the same but it is for mobile. Gives the option of extremely fast downloading and automatic video downloading etc.

62: Facebook Video Save

Some friends inboxed and asked how to download a Facebook video without downloading an application. So the answer is that this cannot be done at the moment with the official application of Facebook But the Chrome browser is available in every Android. If Facebook is taken from there If you watch any video then below comes the downloading option.


Sometimes there are some pictures that we share on social media but we are afraid that someone else will misuse it in their own name. So with this application you can add watermarks to your photos And in its pro version, you can add watermarks to thousands of images together The main advantage of this is that it does not degrade the image quality.

Alternative: watermark photo



With this application you can have full control over the rotation of your cell Can use different rotations in different applications Home screen can be used in landscape instead of portrait The rotation of any specific application can be controlled


This is an ocr application The text written on any image can be converted into text. It supports fifty languages.

Fortunately, they include Urdu

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