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By | July 23, 2020

What is the shock doctrine?

Sohail Mujahid, Muhammad Usman – Faisalabad

Introduction: The following is an introductory summary of Naomi Klein’s book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Naomi Klein is a Canadian-based author, social worker and filmmaker who is currently chairing the Department of Media, Culture and Women’s Rights at Rutgers University in the United States. He is a vocal critic of exploitation and environmental destruction and has authored several books on the subject.

In this book, the author introduces a new term called shock doctrine. This means that the capitalist imperialist countries, by creating artificial crises all over the world or implementing exploitative economic policies under the guise of naturally occurring crises, double the lives of the people and the profits of a few multinational companies. During these crises (such as wars, military coups, terrorist attacks, economic downturns and floods, natural disasters such as hurricanes, etc.), people’s attention is diverted to unnecessary and superficial topics. This is so that they cannot review and oppose exploitative policies. This is what third world governments and the capitalist classes do in their societies when given the opportunity. While millions of people are drowning in poverty due to unemployment, on the other hand, the wealth of a few global capitalists like Jeff Bezos is also increasing exponentially. Taking advantage of the opportunity, they are not only getting attractive concessions from the government.

On the contrary, large-scale workers are being laid off and no state agency is going to ask them.

Workers should be kept on a daily wage basis so that maximum work can be taken at the minimum wage and the privileges enjoyed by the working class can be taken away.

Have you ever wondered why the media is so focused on natural disasters, conflicts, and economic crises these days? On the other hand, this news is also very useful for the elite at the top of the economic ladder. Canadian author and social activist Naomi Klein published her book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, published in 2007.

I have discussed the same issue.

In the introduction to his book, we will discuss the following important points.


What do economic interventions and electric shock therapy have in common?


How the free market economy turned Chile into one of the most economically uneven countries in the world.

How the Iraqi government lost 95% of its revenue through open robbery.

Historical background to the term shock doctrine:

Throughout the history of psychology, scientists and educators have pondered over the question of how to treat people suffering from psychiatric disorders. But the CIA tried to completely change the person’s personality through psychological trauma in the investigation process.

Dr. Evan Cameron devised a method of psychologically traumatizing a person through shock therapy (using the negative use of psychology) and then rebuilding his mind.

With CIA funding, Dr. Cameron conducted a number of detailed experiments in which a person was subjected to electric shocks that caused him to have psychiatric seizures. Go into a state of detachment. Cameron thought that in this situation, these people become like an ’empty board’  They can be given a new and better human identity by writing anything they want on it. But the problem was that the formula for changing identities did not work. Cameron stripped the detainees of their identities but could not give them a new one.

Instead of changing his approach to achieve the desired results, Cameron dramatically increased the use of drugs to torture, traumatize, prolonged loneliness, electric shocks and emotional paralysis in his experimental patients. The idea came from shocking information and making people obedient. Suspending the human senses in extreme loneliness and distorting the consciousness of time. Harassment of detainees made it impossible for detainees to regain consciousness, which helped CIA investigators extract information from detainees. Succeeded in vomiting information by mentally paralyzing. All these experiments and information were collected in a document called the Kubark Manual.

So that in the future this document can be used to help and guide modern (and brutal) investigative methods (violence in civilized language).


Shock doctrine method: –


The shock doctrine procedure is as follows.


  1. Wait for a natural crisis in the society or create an artificial crisis.


  1. The situation should be declared extraordinary by creating an atmosphere of danger and fear.


A Restrict human rights and democratic freedoms.


د. Policies based on the interests of the capitalist classes should be implemented as soon as possible.

During any kind of emergency or economic crisis, the ruling classes manage to sell to the panicked masses the statement that it is imperative to end social security programs and give large aid packages to the private capitalist sector, otherwise The whole economic and social structure will be destroyed.

Open market economists have devised techniques to treat economic shocks in order to forcefully implement painful economic reforms in times of crisis. Destroying the economy of those who are unwilling to cooperate in the open market and exploiting them in the name of reconstruction is a new way of imperialist strategy. Inspired by Kremlin Friedman (famous American economist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1976). And his colleagues at the Chicago School of Economics developed the idea of ​​economic shock therapy, through which ruthless and painful economic policies were implemented in various countries. In the eyes of these economists, known as the Chicago Boys, good government is one that has the least authority, and obviously this principle has a deep connection to economic markets. Therefore, he supported Free Market Capitalism, which he said was the guarantor of democracy, peace and stability.

However, throughout this process, they realized that the people would not readily accept the new economic policies because they would not want to lose their economic rights (the right to form unions and the use of government resources on social security institutions). In this case, the only solution for these economists came in the form of economic shock therapy.

Taking advantage of the shocks and uncertainties, new economic policies were implemented there. Going forward, the Chicago Boys made sure that they took full advantage of the crises in society. The best way to make this possible was to attract as many economists as possible internationally.


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