Floaters Disease

By | July 23, 2020

Many people complain that they are seen walking from point to point in front of their eyes. Some people even see the thread. Many people see a moving circle. The fact is that the number of patients who come to the doctors because of the problem of floaters is very high.

It usually starts suddenly but does not go away for years.


Are they starting a dangerous floaters disease?

In most people, it starts after an illness, such as a high fever for a few days. When they recover, it is revealed that a creature dances in front of their eyes all the time. People go to the doctor but even the doctors are often not satisfied. They do not mention any particular ailment or treatment, they just say no problem. Most people are not satisfied with this. They go to many doctors. They wake up many nights, the giants of many fears come before their eyes from time to time. And many turn to physicians, homeopaths, and fortune tellers for treatment.

However, the story of many people is different. In the same way, they suddenly start seeing floaters, but then their eyesight decreases drastically. Sometimes there is an operation and sometimes another. Many poor people do not get the right look even after all these troubles. Many are forced to hear, “You’re late. When you started seeing floaters, you should have come right away. Now you’re too late.”

In fact, floaters are harmless to most people. They have no harm and no cure. But in many people, floaters are actually the starting point for many dangerous diseases. If they are treated in time, they stop moving forward.

What other problems can floaters cause?

Floaters do not cause symptoms such as pain, redness or itching.

If the floater is too large, it can affect the look. It may appear in the form of a spot in front of your eyes and thus the object in front will appear blurred in as many parts as it is present.

Floaters become more prominent when we are looking at something bright, such as a clear sky or a piece of white paper. Larger floaters can also be difficult to drive because they scatter lights at night, making it difficult to keep your eyes focused.

What are the reasons for this?

Floaters appear when there is something in the vitreous that is not completely transparent. The shadow of such a thing begins to form on the veil of vision which then we begin to see. And because the vitreous is jelly-like or takes the form of a thick solution, whatever is in it. It keeps moving, it swims in the right words, so it is called floaters. And since these objects are very small, that is, microscopic in size, their shapes are also difficult to change and often change.

The tiny particles that are visible in front of the blindfold cast a shadow on the blindfold that is visible to man.


The most common cause is a defect in the structure of the vitreous. The whole vitreous or part of it deteriorates and becomes a thick solution instead of jelly. The particles or threads of protein in that solution begin to appear in different forms.

The second major reason is PVD. This is the condition in which the uterus shrinks forward and protrudes from the curtain.

P PVD occurs in the following situations:

After cataract surgery

After the laser

After getting sugar

People who have a high number of negative glasses

As the body changes with age, so does the vitreous. In other words, just as Allah, the Lord of Glory, begins to take back the rest of the trusts, so the blessings of the eyes begin to return slowly.

Floaters also appear after a variety of injuries.

Blood clots in the eye are a major cause of floaters. It can also be caused by injury, and various diseases of the body. The most important of these is diabetes. In this disease, the blood vessels of the retina become diseased, which causes blood to leak from inside them and enter the vitreous, which is actually transparent. This blood appears in different forms. If in very small quantities only its cells are visible in the form of particles, more so in the form of large spots, if very large in the form of red fog, and if the whole vitreous is filled in at all. Does not come Inflammation of the inner part of the eye is an important and common cause of floaters. Uveitis in particular is a major cause. This type of inflammation progresses very slowly and causes different sizes.

Is it necessary to treat floaters?

If the answer is in the shortest terms, the answer is “there is no need to treat them.” But it can also be so short-sighted. The reason is that floaters do not harm the vast majority of people who see them, but they do harm those who do. So it is important to make that decision Isn’t that the kind of harm?

Many of the floaters are absorbed into the bloodstream over time and become smaller, and many slowly change their position, making them less visible. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to treat such floaters.

Another fact is that the human psyche gradually accepts it and the human mind forgets them, which greatly reduces the anxiety caused by them. Therefore, even in this situation, there is no need for treatment.

When is it necessary to treat them?

If floaters suddenly appear.

If the number of floaters starts to increase.

If the floaters appear too long.

If the glitter is visible with the floaters.

If there is pain with floaters.

Even if there is significant blurring of the eyes.

If you look at one side other than the floaters.

How are they treated?

So far no drug has been found to eliminate floaters. Not edible or used in the form of drops.

Lasers are used for some large floaters. Although this treatment carries with it some risks. That’s why removing floaters in this way should only be done when the floaters are too big and causing too much trouble.


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