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Best Apps Ever 87 to 100

87: Timehop   We take a lot of pictures using social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ……) or even a cell phone or a camera. But after a while we don’t remember what updates we made on Facebook that day or what tweets I did, This application shows the user the date of the ski posts.… Read More »

Best Apps Ever 66 to 86

66: BATTERY BUZZER In the present age, it is a compulsion to charge the mobile But if the battery is fully charged and the cell phone is still charged, it is also harmful to the health of the battery and the battery may explode. Now this application is a kind of battery alarm. So you… Read More »

Useful Android Apps

44: Mediariver Download various books, music, applications and wallpapers for free. Not available on the Play Store. 45: QuickLyric With this application you can download lyrics of different songs. Not available on the Play Store. 46: Five Wallpapers A beautiful app that will change the background of your screen with each swipe. Definitely use it… Read More »

Best Apps

19: Textgram Great application for writing text on images There is no better application than this, especially for riting text in English. But Urdu can only be written in Unicode Its font unfortunately cannot be changed to Nasta’liq.  Alternative: Photox 20: Vault As the name suggests, this is a privacy application. You can encrypt any… Read More »

Beneficial and Essential Applications Using Android

Beneficial and Essential Applications Using Android …. By: Amir Ashfaq …. 1: Live Net TV This applicatiοn includes channels frοm all οver the wοrld alοng with almοst all the necessary channels in Pakistan The free applicatiοn is nοt available οn the Play Stοre 2: 30 Day Fitness Challenge Peοple whο dο nοt have much time… Read More »

Shock Doctrine 2

He launched a student exchange program at Latin American educational institutions and the University of Chicago so that Latin American students could return to their home countries and continue to mobilize public opinion for the miraculous benefits of the open market and capitalism. Continue to implement economic reforms easily during (natural or artificially) crises. The… Read More »

Shοck Doctrine

What is the shock doctrine? Sohail Mujahid, Muhammad Usman – Faisalabad Introduction: The following is an introductory summary of Naomi Klein’s book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Naomi Klein is a Canadian-based author, social worker and filmmaker who is currently chairing the Department of Media, Culture and Women’s Rights at Rutgers University… Read More »