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Epigenetics: Episode. 3

Epigenetics: Episode. 3 ___________________________________________ رفاقت حسین X-ray painting Information about the inactivity of X chromosomes is mainly found in living and cells. In January, arrangements are made for the restoration of structural chromosomes. Many parts of the X chromosome are missing in many such investigations. Depending on which part was missing, the chromosome was either… Read More »

Floaters Disease

Many people complain that they are seen walking from point to point in front of their eyes. Some people even see the thread. Many people see a moving circle. The fact is that the number of patients who come to the doctors because of the problem of floaters is very high. It usually starts suddenly… Read More »

Basics Of EpiGenetics

Incoming reprogramming events in zygote and primordial crime cells greatly affect epigenetic phenomena. When body cells are reprogrammed using Yamanaka factors inside the laboratory, there are very few changes in IPS cells. There are hardly any real ES cells. A group at Massachusetts General Boston and Harvard University surveyed any IEPS and ES cells geographically.They… Read More »


Men аnd women аre very different in terms of pure biology аnd especiаlly аnаtomy. There is ongoing debаte over whether certаin behаviors, such аs аggression аnd speciаl processing, аre relаted to biologicаl gender biаs. But there аre some physicаl chаrаcteristics thаt аre vаguely linked to sex. The biggest difference is inside the reproductive orgаns. Ovаries… Read More »