Best Apps Ever 87 to 100

By | July 23, 2020

87: Timehop


We take a lot of pictures using social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ……) or even a cell phone or a camera. But after a while we don’t remember what updates we made on Facebook that day or what tweets I did, This application shows the user the date of the ski posts. This way old memories can be refreshed. This application can also be used to retrieve five or six year old posts and tweets made in a single date.

88: F-droid

Is an open source free applications store. In which everyone can benefit from open source, ad free applications.

89: Universal Copy

There are some applications that do not support text copying. Take the simple example of Facebook Lite, By turning on this application you will turn on any application. Then click on the running service of this application from the notification area and it will copy the text in the open application.

90: Open Link With

When we open a link we get frustrated when we see the link open in the default browser or application instead of the custom application.

This application asks us regular applications to open the link in which application you would like to open this link. For example, we open the YouTube link. But it opens in Chrome browser. But this application will open it in the YouTube application

91: Messenger Lite

There is a light version of Messenger from Facebook which is four MB in size but works just like its ancestors. Yes, there is a downside that you have to open the application to read the message. Bubble messaging is not available. This is a great alternative for those who lack memory in their cell phone.

92: Best Life Hacks

Everyone must have heard the name of Zubeida Apa. In terms of daily routine, this application also does the same thing. How to win the debate How to whiten teeth How to use free Wi-Fi at the airport. How to get rid of hiccups. How to solve all the problems of Meth from which website Etc.

These are just a few of the tricks on the front page. Open the rest of the application and take advantage

93: Airdroid


This is a popular application for connecting Android and PC. It shares data via Wi-Fi This allows us to access the data (audio, video, documents, etc.) in our Android cell on the computer. You can read your messages on the computer. You can reply to your messages on the computer. Absolutely! We can reply to your message through the keyboard. And you can control your notification or the whole cell with the mouse. But the condition for all this is that your cell phone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

94: Snapnotes

Is an application that converts words written on a whiteboard or in a register into beautiful documents.

I tried it on the white board and the result was worth it. Yes, I made the picture from afar. It’s a different matter.

95: Texpand

Sometimes we have to write specific sentences over and over again For example, someone asks about the situation. how are you? Our answer is often the same. I am fine how are you. Now, instead of writing these words over and over again, let’s make a shortcut. Such as “present”. Now let’s write as soon as possible.

Such as “present”. Now let’s write as soon as possible. The whole sentence “I am fine how are you “. Automatically write. This is how this application works You can create shortcuts for different and longer sentences. Which can also contain two characters. Now, instead of writing the whole sentence, write only one or two letters and the whole sentence will appear automatically.

96: Flyso

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is the same application where Facebook can be run in one tab and Twitter and Instagram in the other two tabs. But one drawback is that we can’t upload anything to Instagram through it.

97: Tictures

Images + Characters In the old Nokia cell phone, the words in the message were often combined in such a way that they became a specific format. This application does the same thing. It has different formats that can be sent as text messages.

98: Muviz

There is no special benefit to this application. Yes, but when we are listening to music, it jumps like an amplifier to our designated place according to the sound and makes some lines that look beautiful while walking. Beats of music can also be seen on the screen. If you have enough resources in your cell, try it, otherwise it will put extra burden on your RAM as it is a background application that runs all the time.


99: Dingless

This application runs in the background and checks that when the cell phone is on, meaning the screen is on, then the notification ringtone etc. should be applied on silent or vibration. First you need to set the notification style you want.

100: Captune

Music is an application in which we can set our own equalizer. Let’s save the setting where we like the sound.

Extra one

(find my phone) It will also turn on GPS. And the ring tone will start ringing But this feature is only on the root device In other features. Rotate the screen and the screen will turn off. In terms of rotation, as soon as you play a video, it will turn on auto rotation and after turning off the video, auto rotation will also turn off. There are numerous automations in this application. And you can keep them safe with your own automation or you can upload and use someone else’s products. But the free version of this application only supports five automations at a time.

By: Amir Ashfaq

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