Best Apps Ever 66 to 86

By | July 23, 2020


In the present age, it is a compulsion to charge the mobile But if the battery is fully charged and the cell phone is still charged, it is also harmful to the health of the battery and the battery may explode. Now this application is a kind of battery alarm. So you can put a battery percentage on this application that alarm goes off when there is such a percentage battery. Now if you set the alarm to 100 percent charge, the alarm will start ringing as soon as the battery is 100 percent charged.


Most people are very serious about their privacy. Pakistani women, especially in the current situation. In smart phones, Most applications gain access to the camera unnecessarily However, they have nothing to do with the camera Well, to solve this problem, an application called Camera Block has been created This application blocks access to the camera of certain applications In this way, the pain of losing privacy is relieved.


No matter what version of Android, the screen always looks sharp instead of round. This application rounds the corners of your screen.


Record sound without opening the application. And the recorded sound can also be locked.


The widget can often be used on the home screen. Or on the lock screen, But with the floating widget we can use the widget floating like a messenger message bubble.


Sometimes we have a problem with our cell phone that we can’t explain to anyone or we don’t understand. With this application we can share our screen and also use voice chat option. Now with whom we will share our screen. He will be able to see our screen on his screen and tell us how we can solve this problem.

72: Internet Beta

Personally, I like Chrome browser. Chrome’s biggest problem is its size and the size of the RAM Internet Beta is Samsung’s browser. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

73: KLWP

With this application we can create our own custom and preferred wallpaper.



Is a photo editing application. Its magic option with different filters is a nice addition.


Photo editing application Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.


Applying live wallpaper drains the battery very quickly But that’s not the case for Minima. With this application, we can put a variety of live wallpapers with beautiful and material designs. Which will change automatically according to the set time.


Join Editors’ Choice, With this application we can get free access to various magazines. Urdu language has always lacked standard applications. Rekhta is a new style application in which you can find a lion. You can find a lion by word. For example, if you want poems containing the word cloud, search for the word cloud and find different poems in front of you.

Poems can also be searched by the names of different poets and the words of different poets are also available. If you do not understand a word or its meaning in the poem, you can find its meaning by clicking on the word.


A beautiful application for editing immediately after taking a screenshot.


The name of the clean master must have been heard a lot. But this is a more useful application. This application cleans various and unnecessary junk. Fifteen GB space is empty after cleaning with my 64 GB card which was full. Note: My cell phone is rooted.

Duplicate photos can also be flown through it. This application with innumerable beautiful features is not free at all so download the pro version from Google.


Any file can be searched through this application instead of wandering around to download from torrent.


Sometimes we download a movie from torrent. The Internet is slow in Pakistan and Toronto is even slower. Now downloading a movie, etc., shows that this is not what we wanted. This application allows us to run the torrent before downloading and see what files it contains.


A beautiful application for learning simple English sentences in different ways


Yes, am Who is unfamiliar with the torrent website? This is a mobile version of the same website. There are various torrents that you can download from any torrent client.


Finally a game that is very easy to watch but very difficult to play. Jelly has to be jumped over. Now the more skilled you are, the higher it will go.

86: Macdroid

Is a useful application for automating every task. By turning on this application we turn on some triggers in it with action. For example, we use hands-free. So hands-free installation will be our trigger. But what will happen now?

They will tell us to play the song or turn on the flashlight after installing the handsfree. There are also countless features such as changing the volume or taking a photo with an action. We can also turn on constants while making triggers. Which will tell you not to play this trigger action while performing a specific application or task

For example, we have opened YouTube, now we have music play on the hands-free application, then we will turn on the constraints so that the music application does not play on the hands-free application while running the YouTube application.

How to go to work. Another feature is its templates. It already has triggers and actions. For example, a user action is to turn the flashlight on and off when shaking the device. I forgot to put my mobile somewhere. And the mobile was silent. No problem. Because of its Find My Phone template. You just text.

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