Month: June 2020

How to take care of your hair in 7 simple steps

Haircare doesn’t just go through a proper wash! Discover now with us how you can take care of your hair in 7 simple steps! The hair care is very important for every woman: who among us does not want beautiful hair, silky, bright, and above all healthy? Below you will find 7 moves (simple, but […]

7 exercises to do at home + 30 min of total body training

In less than 30 minutes you reach a perfect body and feel at the top! It is a phrase that attracts your attention, intrigues you and, of course, raises a logical question … “Is such a thing possible? To the surprise of many people, I tell you that it is 100% so. Not only… To […]

What do you gain from full body workouts?

What do you gain from full-body workouts? Full-body routines are not just for beginners While most will no doubt follow a variety of split workout routines, you shouldn’t underestimate full-body workouts! If you haven’t tried it before, it’s time to incorporate such a cycle into your workout! We feel quite different during such a workout […]


LOSE 3 POUNDS IN 7 DAYS: TAKE THE SOS DIET! “Of the fashion diets, carbohydrate-reduced, often almost carbohydrate-free diets are the most popular, most people give up carbohydrates in the long run,” begins dietitian Dorottya Szarka. “You wouldn’t think so, but it’s not really carbs that are the biggest problem, it’s excessive but almost imperceptible […]

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